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Capol confectionery coatings - First impressions count.

Capol have been manufacturing confectionery coatings and release agents since 1975. It is this wealth of experience and dedication that has earned us the reputation as world leaders in the development and supply of polishes, glazes, anti-sticking, sealing and release agents for all types of confectionery.

Capol (UK) Ltd is part of the Capol group:

Capol GmbH -Head office and manufacturing site in Elmshorn, Germany. (email:

Capol UK Ltd - Based in Cheshire, England for customers in the UK and Eire.

Capol LLC- Based in Chicago, Illinois serving customers in the USA and Canada.(email:

Capol products are also distributed by agencies throughout the world. A comprehensive list of these agencies can be found by clicking here

Using the highest quality raw materials, from natural, sustainable and ethical sources, coatings manufactured by Capol are the preferred products of choice used by many of the world’s leading confectionery manufacturers.

Capol confectionery coatings have been developed as polishes, glazes and sealing agents for chocolate or sugar coated centres.
Capol® anti-sticking agents have been created for the surface treatment of 
extruded products such as liquorice or for molded confectionery like gums and jellies. 

Capolan® products are coated organic and inorganic raw materials used to sprinkle on gums, jellies and extruded strips.

Capolex® is the name given to our separating and release agents used in the production of hard or soft caramels. They are available in a variety of forms from thin liquids suitable for spraying to solids for use on conveyor belts etc.

Fix Gum® is a starch based barrier used when an initial base layer is required for chocolate or sugar coating nuts, raisins, dried fruit, liquorice ropes, gums and jelly products.

Click here to view our applications chart which will provide a quick summary of our products and the supporting documentation available.

Our confectionery coatings can be manufactured to cater for a variety of special dietary requirements such as vegetarian, sugar free or diabetic.

State-of-the-art machinery and the very latest software enable our food chemists to constantly develop new products to meet the high standards set by customers.

All our products conform to national and international food regulations and, where appropriate can be supplied with Kosher and/or Halal certification.

At Capol UK Ltd we also provide help and advice on any new machinery requirements or new product lines and our customers have access to extensive research facilities at Capol GmbH.

Confectionery manufacturers across the globe place their trust in our products and expertise and we are only satisfied when our customers are able to obtain a perfect finish.